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Grade 5 Puberty Lesson #1

Dear Grade 5 Families,

Friday was the first grade 5 puberty lesson.  The students were very excited and some were possibly a bit nervous.

This lesson was coeducational and we started breaking the tension by asking “what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Puberty’?”

Both classes had great suggestions and here is an example of what one class came up with:

After ‘breaking the ice’ we watched two Brain Pop videos – ‘Puberty’ and ‘The Reproductive System’ and students were able to ask questions after each video.  The grade 5’s were then paired-up and each pair was given a school Macbook that was open to brain pop and together they began to complete two worksheets, one for each video, by re-watching the same two videos at their own pace and pausing and reviewing as necessary.  The supporting teachers, Ms Quinn and Mr De Meester circulated to guide students and answer questions.  View the worksheets: Puberty Changes and Reproductive Systems.

(Please visit this link for photos.)

Most students weren’t able to complete these two worksheets in the allotted time, so they were asked to bring them home, complete them using the Brain Pop videos and share them with his/her parent(s) before returning them by this coming Thursday.

Finally, we introduced the anonymous question box that will stay in the classroom throughout the unit and the grade 5’s were given the opportunity to write an anonymous question and put it in the box.

The lesson went really well and we’re very excited to begin our gender specific classes next week.

Both girl and boy students are asked to bring their completed Brain Pop worksheets on Thursday so we are able to discuss the results.

Here is a very general overview of each week of the gender specific lessons and parents are asked to contact Ms Quinn or Mr De Meester via Wilma if they have any question:

Girls Boys
Week 1 CoeducationalPuberty (Changes)Reproductive Systems CoeducationalPuberty (Changes)Reproductive Systems
Week 2 Review – Changes and Reproductive Systems


Breast Development and Bras

Review – Changes and Reproductive Systems


Voice Changes, Erections, Wet Dreams (Things are Changing Video)

Week 3 Menstruation and Periods(Brain Pop Video) Open Group Discussion
Week 4 Relationships (to self / friends / family / boys) and Emotional and Social Changes Relationships (to self / friends / family / girls) and Emotional and Social Changes

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